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Some metal songs

2016-06-25 09:51:07 by BenwaHakubi

Because I am in a giving mood.


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These were my top ten picks for June

Idea for a new feature

2013-06-23 09:35:58 by BenwaHakubi

Why not a play later option? I seem to see something I want to play then end up having to do something else and forget to play or watch something on here. Also for medal collectors like myself you could make a list so you don't forget to play and collect the medals you wanted to work towards.

Of course it is. I have the proof right here!

Is it still possible to blam things?

Listen up. There need to be some changes around here

2012-12-25 00:12:26 by BenwaHakubi

It has come to my attention that too much low quality flash is making it through the portal. We need to start voting 0 more often. If something is poorly made it should not be on newgrounds. Don't feel guilty about it. It pushes people to improve. If your work got blammed then work harder! Don't take it personally.

Also if you see generically made games that are made by companies. BLAM THAT SHIT! It has no reason to be on here. It is a waste of space and the user that submitted it is likely an alt. This is called shovelware. Basically they submit generic crap over and over and it needs to be done away with.

Save newgrounds, blam crap and save quality work.

Infact post generic work below and I will vote on it as I see fit.


2012-07-12 22:42:34 by BenwaHakubi

I don't think this even needs a caption.


Oh canada.

2012-01-29 00:25:20 by BenwaHakubi

This is what happens when I get bored.

Oh canada.

I'm bored

2012-01-16 01:17:52 by BenwaHakubi


Cannot un-see.

2011-06-06 03:43:39 by BenwaHakubi

Brought to you by the angry birds and lack of sleep. Oh and MS paint.

Cannot un-see.

Fucking with omegle (part dux)

2011-05-11 04:56:04 by BenwaHakubi

So this is what I do when I can't sleep.
You: Hi I wanna order a pizza
Stranger: maa chudao
Stranger: fuck off
Stranger: ass hole
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Stranger: yo
You: There is a lego in my vagina
You: How do I get it out?
Stranger: Well.. it depends
Stranger: Which lego playset?
You: It was a blue square one
Stranger: well thats boring
Stranger: Did you try to pee it out?
Stranger: I dont have a vag so I dont know the science behind all this
You: IDK if I should go to my doctor or have my girlfriend try to reach in there and get it
You: I can't pee it out silly the bladder is not the same hole
Stranger: lol
You: don't u lol at me dis is a serious problem!
Stranger: Well did you ask your gf for assistance?
Stranger: Id say thats the first step
You: yes and the corners hurt
You: they are sharp
Stranger: maybe if you built some sort of contraption out of more legos and shove it up there
You: she said I need to buy the lego set with firemen and shove them up there so they can pull it out
Stranger: thats not possible
Stranger: they are inanimate
You: Damn her and always trying to get me to put random things up there
Stranger: well good luck with that
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Stranger: iihii
Stranger: m or f?
You: morf?
Stranger: male with hairy penis and shaved testicle
Stranger: u?
You: My penis hairy
You: I am russian so everything hairy
Stranger: really? can i see?
You: 8======D
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Stranger: hey horny guy here ;)
You: Lets talk about vaginas
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Stranger: hi
You: hi
You: I am amish
Stranger: guy or girl?
You: lets talk about vaginas
Stranger: amish cant use computers
You: I like eating pussy
Stranger: Thats cool.
You: I kno rite
You: So I was eating this fat chick out and I found a half eaten sandwich in there.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Stranger: hey
Stranger: m or f
You: whats a morf?
Stranger: male or female
You: Femail
Stranger: from
You: Oregon
Stranger: arkansas
You: I like whales
Stranger: 19 u
You: 22
Stranger: kool
Stranger: txt me 1 479 495 0371 if u want
You: my phone is broken
Stranger: oh
You: my roomate stepped on it
You: bitch :(
Stranger: im sorry
You: its okay my dad will get me a new one by the end of the week I hope
Stranger: kool
Stranger: thats good
You: college life kinda sucks :S stupid roomates always bugging me
Stranger: lol i bet
Stranger: im sorry
You: one time I was trying to mastubate and
You: my roomate made fun of my penis :(
Your conversational partner has disconnected.