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Listen up. There need to be some changes around here

2012-12-25 00:12:26 by BenwaHakubi

It has come to my attention that too much low quality flash is making it through the portal. We need to start voting 0 more often. If something is poorly made it should not be on newgrounds. Don't feel guilty about it. It pushes people to improve. If your work got blammed then work harder! Don't take it personally.

Also if you see generically made games that are made by companies. BLAM THAT SHIT! It has no reason to be on here. It is a waste of space and the user that submitted it is likely an alt. This is called shovelware. Basically they submit generic crap over and over and it needs to be done away with.

Save newgrounds, blam crap and save quality work.

Infact post generic work below and I will vote on it as I see fit.


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2012-12-26 00:46:48

I rate everything honestly. If something is crappy, but I could tell there was alot of work put into it, I will rate it 5/5.

BenwaHakubi responds:

That is acceptable. I am mainly talking about the things that look like shit and no one fucking tried.


2013-01-13 01:00:42

Benwa? sounds just like ben wa balls. Benwa.. balls. See you cant even say it without saying balls.

BenwaHakubi responds:

I've got big balls.


2013-04-16 04:05:13



2013-04-26 18:42:27

I don't know how, but it seems whenever I make a comment like this, the low scoring submitters always seem to find my comment, like flies to poo, and fill it with crappy comments, just like they do with the portal.. I see you have the same issue.
\ /

BenwaHakubi responds:

Trolls make me famous. B)


2013-05-06 05:17:33

omg this is genius

BenwaHakubi responds:

Thank you kind sir.